General Guide of Reindeer Moss Design in 2021

Wall decoration design is very popular in the home improvement industry in recent years, and different styles and materials will bring different changes to the entire environment. Reindeer moss wall decoration design has become a new trend, and it has quickly become popular with the public for its high-level texture and full color. A simple understanding of the relevant techniques of keeping preserved moss applications can give users a better experience.

What is Reindeer Moss?

Reindeer moss is a light-colored, fructose-like ground-cloth species. This plant itself grows in a harsh environment and generally grows in high-altitude cold areas. Different from other types of moss, the texture of reindeer moss is more advanced and softer. The moss used for decoration will undergo a special dehydration treatment, and it is easy to dye and has an excellent decorative effect.

Natural Moss Wall Decoration

whole wall moss decor.jpg

In most cases of moss paving on whole walls, the designers mostly choose the simplest lines pattern and color matching, this kind of popularity is also more suitable for most occasions. Let's make a brief introduction with a case of wall decoration in a gym.

Generally speaking, the wall decoration of the gym is to beautify the environment and bring a good mood to the customers. The brilliant colors and complex patterns are often overwhelming and make people forget the original purpose. So this time The design uses three different shades of the same color system and uses irregular curved lines to divide and combine them, which neither looks monotonous nor too eye-catching.

Similar to the whole wall decoration, if you use reindeer moss for paving, you can borrow this simple design concept, whether it is the visual color experience or the degree of adaptation to the surrounding environment, it can achieve a relatively satisfactory effect.

Creative Preserved Moss Art Design

reindeer moss art pattern.jpg

Most designers are happy to use preserved moss for pattern design because the dried and dyed moss has good color saturation and rich colors. A small area of flat and three-dimensional pattern design can use colorful moss, which can be both practical and beautiful. This high-level texture can enhance the overall taste and style and has a certain sense of art. This kind of design is suitable for simple style home decoration, office decoration, art gallery, etc.

It should be noted that if this kind of pattern design with a large color difference is to be used for daily decoration, it is best to only be used for small-scale embellishment. If it is to be applied in a large area, it is suitable for the theme concept pavilion.

Textured Framed Moss Art Application

framed moss wall~1.jpg

In addition to design directly on the wall, you can also use the form of moss frame, which is more flexible and convenient than fixed decoration, which can also be modified, which is generally suitable for retail. In addition to the design itself, this type of design needs to take into account the picture frame that matches it.

1. The most conventional is the combination of a square or round photo frame with a pure color moss, even if it is not designed, it can be directly hung on the wall as a work of art.

2. You can combine the moss pattern art design mentioned above with the photo frame, which looks like a three-dimensional photo frame.

3. In addition to conventional photo frames, you can also choose some special-shaped frames for decoration on special occasions, or make them into a shape similar to an inlay, which is more unique.

In the case we have been in contact with, this kind of photo frame moss will also add accessories like succulents in the design, making the overall elements richer.

Precautions for moss maintenance

This kind of fresh-keeping plant is different from the artificial plant. It is relatively fragile. Therefore, it cannot maintain the reindeer moss-like artificial plants. Some special attention is needed.

1. Can not be used for outdoor decoration, need to avoid direct sunlight and humid places.

2. Keep away from high-temperature places such as fireplaces to avoid deformation.

3. If you are in a particularly dry environment, you can regularly spray a small amount of water mist on the surface of the moss.

As a professional reindeer moss supplier, we can provide high-quality moss products and various designs. We also welcome everyone to communicate with us on various installation issues, so that you can have a satisfactory living environment.


A Full Guide to Framed Vertical Garden

Framed Vertical Garden Design Concept | Full Guide

Unlike common photo frames, the framed vertical garden presents a stereoscopic 3D effect with luxuriant plants. Only with simple and even DIY creation can you bring a high-impact miracle plantscape to the indoors and outdoors.

Look no further than this full guide which will inspire you in the following contents:

What is a Framed Vertical Garden?

A plant wall is a system that can be a freestanding, loose, sheet, or structural. In the same way, a framed vertical garden is regarded as multiple plants grow vertically on a frame structure that can stand alone or be attached to walls. Because of their ornamental and functionality, green walls have become a trend for landscaping in recent years.

10+ Framed Plants Wall Ideas

As with creative designs and plant arrangements, you can coordinate various textures, types, colors, and shapes to create an ideal framed vertical garden. Check out some of these ideas in advance for customized design whenever and wherever possible.

10+ framed plants wall ideas

Square/rectangular & disc framed vertical garden – The shaped framed plant wall, owing to easy planting and typical display, is possibly the most popular type among designers.
Moss frame – Custom-designed art framed moss arts with exceptional care are ideal for both modern urban interiors and rustic improvement.
Artificial vertical wall frame – A faux wall frame art is more space-saving than a potted plant and more alive than a photo frame, catering to the exterior climate with UV protection.
Home decor – A combination of wild and handpicked plants add a touch of nature and green as they are adept in bringing the outdoors in.
Exterior use – The correct selection of plants growing well in external environments and premium frames that won’t decay is a favorable choice for vertical wall art.
DIY art – Nothing is more enjoyable than creating your own 3D mosaic to be flexible in the form of standing or suspending vertically.
Reclaimed wood – If you prefer integration of classical and modern, reclaimed wooden materials are great to incorporate or use to create a vertical garden in frames.

Framed Artificial Vertical Garden or Living Wall Plants?

When it comes to choosing suitable plants, there are two options – artificial plants and living plants. There are some key differences between both types of vertical walls as below.

Benefits of the artificial framed vertical garden vs real ones:

  • Minimal maintenance that is negligible and no upkeep
  • Cost-effective as they are immune to weeds, infection, and little critters
  • Perfect for spaces with low light or intense light that shade-loving or sun plants cannot bear
  • Easy to install and adjustable to move around
  • Never die and never drop leaves
  • Safe indoors without causing allergies
  • No cracks from root damage and won’t overgrow the frame

Are There Different Types of Green Wall in Frames?

Let us cast aside the frame, artificial plant walls come in a variety of types, styles, and colors. You can rest assured of choosing a reliable artificial plant supplier and design team to bespoke your framed vertical garden.

different types of framed plants wall

Artificial framed wall with boxwood

Composed of LDPE materials, our artificial boxwood foliage is naturally accurate with textures and colors. The lush boxwood is well in compliance with the blank framework to add a few accents whether indoors and outdoors.

Customized framed moss art

Made using real but not alive preserved reindeer moss, the moss wall frame has become an inevitable trend for indoor decoration. If you are looking for an artistic plant sculpture, here they come – framed moss gardens.

How to Make a Vertical Frame Garden?

how to make vertical frame garden

It’s so easy to create a faux plant wall frame with hours, but it takes a shorter time by mature machines and techniques. Even if you have two black thumbs, you can upgrade the decoration project to a higher level by yourself. Here we go!

  1. Find a suit-sized frame with quality.
  2. Build a plywood base fitting into the frame.
  3. Sandwich some mesh between the box and the frame.
  4. Cut and wedge a piece of foam core behind the mesh.
  5. Start at one corner by inserting branches or various plant types into the foam core.
  6. Fill the mesh with the remaining plants and keep them as close as possible.
  7. Hang the framed vertical garden on a wall or fix it on a desk.

You can refer to the detailed tips on makelyhome.com

How to Maintain an Artificial Vertical Garden Wall Art?

Actually, you have to decide on living or artificial plants if you really care about this issue. Artificial framed vertical gardens tend to require low to zero maintenance, so keep them away from dust to remain fresh looking.
While regarding alive plants in frame, proper moisture related to light, water and soil are essential. Besides, check the wetness when plants call for nurturing.
However, preserved greenery like reindeer moss is another cup of tea as it’s delicate to keep a distance from flames through dehydration and dyeing.

All in all, art framed plants wall introduces natural design concepts and elements into your living and working environments. If you’re up for a project, welcome to leave something to sales@plantsartificial.com


3 Tips for Using Artificial Flowers for Decoration Design

Many people are amazed by artificial flower decoration effect in home stores or home magazines and fall in love at first sight. It is because the decorations in these spaces are tailor-made by professional designers for the objects they are decorating. They are just right in terms of volume, color, texture, style, etc., which set off and create the effect of the overall space. , Become the finishing touch of the overall space. For some end customers or distributors who want to sell finished products, this article gives some more conventional design considerations, hoping to help you.

Determin the Overall Decoration Style

According to different application scenarios and personal preferences, the overall style must first be determined when decorating and designing, specifically the type of flowers, the choice of utensils, and the shape and color of floral works. At present, the most mainstream indoor simulation flower art mainly includes the modern simple style, European country style, European neoclassical style, Chinese style, etc. Each style of flower art has its own distinctive features. (The following is a general introduction of each style)

Different styles of artificial flowers decoration.jpg

Modern minimalist style: Minimalism originated from Western modernism in the early 20th century. It advocates function first. Its characteristic is to simplify the design elements, colors, lighting, and raw materials to a minimum. high. This type of design is usually very subtle, and can often achieve the effect of using less to win more, and simplicity over complexity. When choosing the types of artificial flowers and utensils, choosing simple and delicate styles can help you a lot.

European country style: It belongs to a branch of natural style, advocates "return to nature", and strives to show the leisure, comfort, and natural taste of rural life in the indoor environment. This style is very popular in home decoration. When applied to floral design, it is recommended to use white and warm-toned flowers with green leaves for decoration.

European neoclassical style: Neoclassicism is a product of modern changes in Western art. It corresponds to the delicate and delicate Rococo art style of the 18th century. From simple to complex, from the whole to the part, it is meticulously crafted, giving a meticulous impression. No matter from which point of view it is viewed, it is meticulously crafted and gives a meticulous impression. If you want to try this style of design, use white, gold, yellow, and dark red as the main colors to make the overall color of the fake flower bouquet look bright.

Chinese style: Chinese style is an artistic style of interior decoration design of Chinese classical architecture represented by palace buildings. It combines the dual temperament of solemnity and elegance and highlights the national characteristics. The concrete expression is symmetrical in shape and color. When choosing accessories such as fake flowers and utensils, you can be bold in the color selection, and the patterns of the accessories should be as symmetrical as possible or appear in pairs, which is more in line with the characteristics of this style of decoration.

Choose a Suitable Place

artificial flowers application.jpg

In an overall space, the artificial floral decoration plays the role of icing on the cake, and it is recommended to place it in a place that can reflect the temperament of the room. Coffee tables, video cabinets, dining tables, sinks, living room video walls, front desks in commercial venues, key commodity display areas, LOGO walls, etc. are often the best places for fake flower arrangements, and you can choose a few of them as decorative points.

Pay Attention to the Color Matching Effect

The quality of a space decoration effect is the first thing that makes people feel the color. If the color is accurately grasped, the decoration effect is basically half the success. Therefore, the choice of artificial flower art should first be based on the color of the overall space style, and secondly combined with personal Factors such as preferences and seasons determine the color tone.

In the overall process of artificial floral decoration design, each link needs to be considered, so as to design fake flowers with different colors for different consumers according to different occasions. High-quality artificial flowers use environmentally friendly materials, environmentally friendly printing and dyeing, no peculiar smell, uniform color, natural transition, high color fastness, long-lasting color, and are indeed more convenient decorations than flowers, and they are also popular among the public.